HOLIDAY SPECIAL: She & Him – Christmas Waltz

EIGHT days until Christmas, y’all! Let’s keep this countdown going with an awesome song from…

Some people love Zooey Deschanel… and some people don’t. Her recent TV sitcom ‘New Girl’ bombed with many critics, one of which retitled the show “Zooey Deschanel’s Nerd Glasses And Quirky Sense Of Humor Render Her Undateable.”

One thing that most don’t criticize quite as harshly, however, is her collaboration with Portland singer, songwriter and producer M Ward. Since they joined forces in 2006, She & Him have released two albums of indie pop tunes that feature Deschanel’s crooning vocals, many of which she wrote herself. Both albums received decent reviews, including an “Album Of The Year” nod from Paste magazine for their debut. Their third studio album, A Very She & Him Christmas, was released in October of this year by Merge Records. My favorite of the surf-rock inspired bunch is “Christmas Waltz,” a tune originally released by Frank Sinatra in 1958. Some have argued that Deschanel could have used a bit of Bailey’s in her coffee the day this was recorded because she does sound pretty down in the dumps but I think that is part of the song’s charm. Her crooning vocals are full of melancholy and nostalgia, and I dig it.

Be sure to grab the album here! Only 8 more days til Christmas, my friends! Weee!

She & Him – Christmas Waltz

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