HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Slow Club – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

SEVEN DAYS until Christmas, y’all! Weehoo!

Slow Club - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Today’s jam comes all the way from Sheffield, England. Slow Club are a folk-inspired indie duo consisting of Chris Watson and Rebecca Taylor who started playing music together in 2006 and have released two studio albums since. This jam was released on their uplifting, Christmas-spirit-filled EP Christmas: Thanks For Nothing.

“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” was originally recorded and released in 1964 by Darlene Love on the album A Christmas Gift for You from Philles Records. The song gained momentum over the years and in 2010 was ranked number one on Rolling Stone’s list of The Greatest Rock and Roll Christmas Songs. The song was most famously covered by U2 in the 1980s and now we have another great cover…. from Slow Club!

7 days until Christmas!

Slow Club – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

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