HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Elton John – Step Into Christmas

FOUR DAYS until Christmas my friends! FOUR DAYS!

Elton John Step_Into_Christmas

Oh, Elton. I first discovered this song when I moved to the UK in 2001. Man, do they ever love their Christmas tunes over there. Obsessively. The chart battle for the Christmas #1 single is followed as though it were a live sporting event. Anyways, I am thankful that they love Christmas tunes as much as they do because otherwise, I never would have discovered this poorly recorded gem!

This song was originally released in 1973 as a b-side for this song, and has been rereleased a number of times on other Elton John albums, including Elton John’s Christmas Party and The Best Christmas Album in the World…Ever! According to the charts, this song was the 9th most played Christmas song in the UK in 2009 and yet many folks have not heard it over on this side of the pond.

So consider this is my Christmas gift to all of you! You’re welcome!

Elton John – Step Into Christmas

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