Tennis – Tears in the Typing Pool (Broadcast Cover)

Tennis made quite the impact last year with their widely praised debut Cape Dory and now they are back! North America’s favorite hipster it-couple, husband and wife duo Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, are now a killer quartet with the addition of drummer James Barone and a touring keyboardist. This newly established group shines in this haunting cover of English electro / dream-pop band Broadcast’s 2005 original, released a few weeks ago to conger up some buzz for their forthcoming sophomore disc, Young and Old. The album, produced by Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, will be released Feb 13th and I hope this means they’ll be on tour again soon… I think it’s finally time I see them live. Maybe next time they come to town, I should actually buy a ticket?

Check out more about Tennis here and check out two of my favorite jams by them, “Pigeon” and “Marathon.”

Tennis – Tears in the Typing Pool

Bonus: Tennis’ first single from the new LP, released a month ago.

Tennis – Origins

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