White Rabbits – Heavy Metal


White Rabbits are back at it with a whole new sound! This Brooklyn six piece has been together since 2007 and have since released two studio albums, their third coming out this March. “Heavy Metal” is the opening track from the Milk Famous LP and, despite the title, sounds nothing like heavy metal. Known for their mind-bending rock, longtime fans might be put aback by the minimalism of this track. Frontman Stephen Patterson’s falsetto vocals and the drums and riffs are unlike anything we’ve heard from them before, and this new electro backdrop is a far stretch from Its Frightening. Lucky for me, they’ve taken a leap in my direction, as their current sound is much more appealing to my taste. We will have to wait two more months to find out what the rest of the disc will bring but based on this, I like where they are going.

Also, the fact that they called this smooth jam “Heavy Metal” makes me think they are being kind of sarcastic, which makes me like them even more. Check out more from White Rabbits right heeeeere!

White Rabbits – Heavy Metal

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