Wye Oak – Civilian

Wye Oak are an indie/pop duo from Baltimore, Maryland that consists of Andy Stack on drums and keyboards (at the same time, I might add!) and Jenn Wasner with vocals and guitar. The duo started collaborating back in 2006 and released two full LPs and an EP before last year’s March release of Civilian, the disc that is largely considered their best work to date.

Often compared to the likes of Beach House and the White Stripes due to their male/female construction and dynamic, Wye Oak have a unique sound sets them apart from these two. Dubbed as “21st Century Folk” by their label (Merge Records), their music has a 90s indie sound that I really enjoy. ‘Civilian,’ the title track from their latest, is a truly beautiful piece of music and Wasner’s deep, enchanting vocals really shine. I had to also include ‘Holy Holy’ and its intense guitars, rushing in and out like crashing waves of sound. The whole album is a wonderfully hypnotic journey and I don’t know how I have missed it until now… better late then never though, right?

They put out tunes really consistently so because it’s already been almost a year since Civilian was released, I am thinking we should expect something from them reeeeal soon. Keep up to date via Wye Oak’s website and Facebook page.

Wye Oak – Civilian

Wye Oak – Holy Holy

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