Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)

I have been sharing RAC’s stuff since the early days of Jenny’s Song Of The Day and honestly… he does the best remixes on the planet, hands down, and his latest official mix of Lana Del Rey’s jam “Blue Jeans” is no different. The online music community’s opinions on this indie songstress have been split and while I’ve mostly been on the negative train, RAC has turned it all around for me with this jam!

While many DJs use great indie songs to create insanely heavy club bangers, which I’m not a fan of, André Allen Anjos aims to create new versions of songs while maintaining their core. Here, his beats go perfectly with Del Rey’s breathy voice, making it an instant party jam that is it hard not to dance to. Click here to hear some of my other favourites from RAC and be sure to follow him Twitter for all the latest news, including his current adventures down at SXSW. Also, visit the Soundcloud page to grab some of the beats.

Thanks, RAC! You always get it right.

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