Django Django – Default

Django Django

Django Django, a band I first introduced to you last year with this little gem, finally released their self-titled debut LP a few weeks back and it has been making QUITE the splash. It was highly anticipated after the success of their 2010 EP and frankly, this disc does not disappoint. Their experimental art pop is being viewed as a breath of fresh air to what some might consider a relatively stale indie scene as of late. They’re not as well known here as they are in the UK but I have no doubt everyone and their dog will be talking about them stateside once they play at SXSW next month.

Django Django are equal parts weird and wonderful and I’m into it. Find out more about them, including info about where you can pick up their LP, by checking out their website.

Django Django – Default

Also: check out the song’s video below, created by drummer David Maclean, who hand painted over 4,000 video frames to creative this colourful 80s-inspired masterpiece.

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Young Man – Nothing

Young Man is college kid Colin Caulfield, a Chicago based student who first started garnering attention online through his chilling catalogue of Youtube covers. The buzz surrounding his covers quickly led to him being scooped up by Frenchkiss Records, who released both his 2010 EP Boy, followed by the beautifully dark Ideas of Distance LP in September, 2011. “Nothing” is on his latest disc and features beautifully crafted guitar parts, enchanting drum machine percussion and of course, Caulfield’s signature enchanting vocal harmonies. It is a dark, atmospheric dream pop track that will likely have you pressing repeat. Perfect for a rainy day like this one!

Check out more from this Young Man on his website, and be sure to watch the Deerhunter cover that first caught everyone’s ear. Catch him at a city near you – he is currently opening for Fanfarlow across North America.

Young Man – Nothing

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Porcelain Raft – Unless You Speak From Your Heart

Porcelain Raft is the moniker for solo artist Mauro Remiddi, an Italian artist who just released his debut LP Strange Weekend through the label Secretly Canadian last week. After generating a bit of buzz for himself through a handful of EPs over the last few years, here we have his best work yet: a reverb-drenched lo-fi disc that is shamelessly pop-y. The intro to this track kind of has a early-2000s Brit-rock feel to it- kind of sounds like something Richard Ashcroft might have released, but with a dreamy vibe to it. Remeddi just started a North American and Euro tour supporting bands like M83 and Smith Westerns so if he’s coming to a city near you, I suggest you check it out!

Check the vid below and check here for all the latest!

Porcelain Raft – Unless You Speak From Your Heart

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Pretty Lights – We Must Go On

Here’s a great new chill jam from Pretty Lights, aka Derek Vincent Smith. His beats are rich, slow and hypnotic and he creates a perfect balance hip hop and electronic. I am going snowboarding tomorrow and was looking for new tunes to accompany me to the hill and really, there’s nothing better than this guy. He’s released three LPs since 2006 and I’m hoping this new tune is maybe a single from a 2012 disc.

Let it groove ya!

Pretty Lights – We Must Go On

He also filmed and edited the accompanying trippy vid:

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The Chemical Brothers – The Salmon Dance (Feat. Fatlip)

Chemical Brothers feat. Fatlip - Salmon Dance

I am throwing this song into the mix because it has been one of my favs for years! It is weird and wonderful and always gets me going. This 2007 album, We Are the Night, was seen as a bit of a letdown to critics and Chemical Bro lovers alike but where the rest of the album falls short, “The Salmon Dance,” featuring legendary American hip-hop artist Fatlip, raises the bar of excellence once again! Try to not be in a good mood when you listen to the little electro-salmon spout off facts about his species. Just try. “Did you know….. I can go to Japan?”

The Chemical Brothers – The Salmon Dance (feat. Fatlip)

ALSO: The video is superb! I think it goes without saying that this kid is on a pretty gnarly acid trip.

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Wye Oak – Civilian

Wye Oak are an indie/pop duo from Baltimore, Maryland that consists of Andy Stack on drums and keyboards (at the same time, I might add!) and Jenn Wasner with vocals and guitar. The duo started collaborating back in 2006 and released two full LPs and an EP before last year’s March release of Civilian, the disc that is largely considered their best work to date.

Often compared to the likes of Beach House and the White Stripes due to their male/female construction and dynamic, Wye Oak have a unique sound sets them apart from these two. Dubbed as “21st Century Folk” by their label (Merge Records), their music has a 90s indie sound that I really enjoy. ‘Civilian,’ the title track from their latest, is a truly beautiful piece of music and Wasner’s deep, enchanting vocals really shine. I had to also include ‘Holy Holy’ and its intense guitars, rushing in and out like crashing waves of sound. The whole album is a wonderfully hypnotic journey and I don’t know how I have missed it until now… better late then never though, right?

They put out tunes really consistently so because it’s already been almost a year since Civilian was released, I am thinking we should expect something from them reeeeal soon. Keep up to date via Wye Oak’s website and Facebook page.

Wye Oak – Civilian

Wye Oak – Holy Holy

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Miike Snow – Paddling Out

miike snow paddling out happy to you

The boys are back at it and I could not be more thrilled!

If you don’t already know, this talented trio consists of New York-based songwriter, vocalist and frontman Andrew Wyatt and Swedish producers Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg. The two Swedes, aka Bloodshy & Avant, are an incredibly successful duo that worked together producing pop tunes for the likes of J-Lo, Madonna, and Kylie Minogue before the creation of Miike Snow. They even wrote and produced “Toxic,” Britney’s 2005 hit that went on to become to best selling single of the decade in the world…. no biggie. In 2007 Karlsson and Winnberg decided to create their own tunes and brought on Wyatt to write and do vocals and voila, Miike Snow was born. The trio released their self-titled debut in 2009 and it absolutely exploded across the planet. After a massive 18 month world tour with over 170 shows (one of which was in Vancouver and blew my mind), they were hungry to get back in the studio and did so last spring.

Today they released “Paddling Out” to whet our appetites in anticipating of Happy to You, the LP set to be released March 27. If this track is any indication of what is to come, ‘Underwhelming Second LP Syndrome’ (an all too common occurrence) does not seem likely with these guys, thankfully! I loved their debut and their live performance so I can’t wait to experience both again this year.

For a great article about the creation and recording of this album, check out their Soundcloud page and look at the words on the right. If you’re into the band, it’s a great read. Also, be sure to visit their website to keep up with the latest.

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