Bandcamp – The site where I seem to be getting most of my new music these days. There is an endless supply of unknown songs & artists on the website. Amazing. Flavour of the month or new favorite website to find music? Only time will tell. – Collaborators with good taste from around the world post their new favorites artists and songs from various genres. Just started up in October of this year, I think, but has already taken off substantially. – A great French music website where I find the best new indie. They do a thing called the Take Away Show, where they have a band or artist come in and do a small private concert on a rooftop or street corner or loft. Each one seems like a magical experience. Beautiful, intimate and with great cinematography, I’d rather watch most of these videos than cable TV.. which is saying a lot. – Great way to discover new bands. The creators of this website bring some of their favorite artists into one of those big English cabs to play acoustic versions of their big or soon-to-be-big hits. They’ve started doing them in the US as well (to SXSW for example) and are, *gasp*, even allowing them to perform outside of the cab. However, the acoustic concept remains the same and so I shall forgive them.

NME – Probably the biggest music mag out of the UK, if I remember correctly? I use this site to indulge in my brit-rock side. Usually just got straight to the New Music tab so I can keep up with what’s popular with the cool kids.

4AD Sessions – an ongoing series of video recordings from some of the label’s signed artists. So far there are only a handful but they’re well made and it’s always nice to see some of your favorite artists in a different performance environment.


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